1 voice commands

by Yariv.Shavit

2 Going from AP to STA

by ACMRemoteXY

3 show element type in editor

by chrismolloy

4 Writing to switches etc.

by chrismolloy

5 user setup and loop

by chrismolloy

6 copy code button

by chrisM

7 online documentation update

by chrismolloy

8 programaticly change page

by chrismolloy

9 ESP32 examples missing

by KissInno

11 RemoteXY of PC

by tomtom

12 Choice of Fonts

by Guillaume

13 sim800

by yurasikknt

15 New element, SOUND

by olden-vad

16 IFTTT interface

by Jpma

17 Ideas and suggestions

by kaushalraval09898

18 Smartphone sensors

by aceton

22 iOS Pro App

by ungesimmt

26 RemoteXY alternatives ?

by FedericoBusero

29 Romeo BLE mini v1.1

by Jimmy