2 Add external images

by sburzy68

3 Smartphone Screen widget

by colatino

4 bring a push notification

by hamidow172494

5 illuminate button

by Joan

6 Timers

by Joan

11 Envoi SMS

by bil87777

13 Writing to switches etc.

by chrismolloy

14 copy code button

by chrisM

16 sound effect

by islam.sawalha.is

18 python port of library

by andronaut

20 Graph feature

by kipet

22 text string element font size

by chrismolloy

24 Presetting screen elements

by chrismolloy

25 RGB Led

by chrismolloy

26 Keyclick sound

by chrismolloy

27 Flashing an led

by chrismolloy

28 voice commands

by Yariv.Shavit

29 Going from AP to STA

by ACMRemoteXY

30 show element type in editor

by chrismolloy