33 text string element font size

by chrismolloy

35 Presetting screen elements

by chrismolloy

36 RGB Led

by chrismolloy

37 Keyclick sound

by chrismolloy

38 Flashing an led

by chrismolloy

39 voice commands

by Yariv.Shavit

40 Going from AP to STA

by ACMRemoteXY

41 show element type in editor

by chrismolloy

42 user setup and loop

by chrismolloy

43 online documentation update

by chrismolloy

44 programaticly change page

by chrismolloy

45 ESP32 examples missing

by KissInno

47 RemoteXY of PC

by tomtom

48 Choice of Fonts

by Guillaume

49 sim800

by yurasikknt

51 New element, SOUND

by olden-vad

52 IFTTT interface

by Jpma

53 Ideas and suggestions

by kaushalraval09898

54 Smartphone sensors

by aceton

56 Switches aestetics

by Bomberman

58 iOS Pro App

by ungesimmt