Topic: RemoteXY on SONOFF

Hello. I'm Fernando.

I've just accomplished the configuration of 2 different SONOFFs.

Configuration; Wi-Fi access point, WeMos D1 mini, WiFi on chip, Arduino IDE.

SONOFF Basic, Pins:
WeMos   D3  D6  D7
GPIO       0     12  13

0 = Button
12 = Relay
13 = LED

SONOFF Dual R2, Pins:
WeMos   D1  D3  D6  D7
  GPIO     5     0     12  13

0 = Button
5 = Relay1
12 = Relay2
13 = LED

Changing on the code "Dx" by the number of the GPIO, it works perfectly.

That's all I have.

Congratulation and thanks for the project.


Re: RemoteXY on SONOFF

Hello Fernando, that sounds good. But is something similar possible with an ESP32?
I would like to use an ESP32 to send information to my home automation system from my cell phone via REMOTEXY via TASMOTA. The connection between the mobile phone and the ESP32 should be made using Bluetooth and the connection between the ESP32 and the home automation system using WIFI. Is it possible to operate REMOTEXY and TASMOTA at the same time on one ESP32?

Thank you for help and suggestions.