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Topic: This place needs to be cleaned

First, there are tons of spammers, they just register and write one post with a link to their shitty spam website. There are several ways to block spammers before they can post:

- Ask e-mail confirmation

- Ask a question in the registration form, something like "what is the name of famous electronic boards starting with 'a' and ending with 'o' ?". It will stop most spammers from registering, legit users obviously know the answer.

- User's first post should be approved by a moderator before being visible on the forum.

I have reported some of the many spam posts and you didn't delete them...

Then there is a problem about legit users posting in wrong categories, or writing replies that are out of topic... Not much can be done to stop that, you need moderators if you want to keep your forum from rotting.

So I'm volunteering to be a moderator for the English forum. Give me ability to move/split/delete topics and posts, allow me to ban spammers, and I will try to clean this forum, if you are too busy to do it! Something should be done about it...


Re: This place needs to be cleaned

I agree 100%

The community is growing, so we need to put in place a cleaning regime to keep the streets clean

Everything works with smoke - if you let it out, things stop working....


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Re: This place needs to be cleaned

Nice thanks wink