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Hi all,
long time remoteXY user that recently went PRO here smile
For a project of mine (a midi drum sequencer) I am in the need for non-momentary push buttons (switches) with the aestetic of those buttons remotexy handle as momentary buttons. Those switches at disposal do not fit the pourpouse (I will place 16 on a single screen).
Round switches with a color when pressed and another color when pressed again would be PERFECT.
Would this be possible to implement?
Thank you


Re: Switches aestetics

You have what you have, and you can't add to the controls available.  And it seems as though the developer has left the planet....

For "indicating pushbuttons" I used an LED as a "halo" effect, with a larger LED behind the button. Seemed to work out quite well. Take a look at the "P" and "S" buttons above the sliders on http://remotexy.com/en/editor/5b9e89e1a … 8c32118c7/

RemoteXY will write a button value ON, then **some time later** will write it off again, The more buttons you have, the longer **some time later** will be, and your code may easily see the button on more than once.  To get around this, turn the button OFF in your code as soon as you see it ON. The subsequent "turn-OFF" sent by RemoyeXY will have no effect.

You can easily implement a simple "counter" off each button press to derive as many "states" as you want, each button press moving the state-count to the next state.

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Re: Switches aestetics

I can get what you mean with "halo", but this asks for a signal to be sent to arduino and another to be received by android to lit the led. My application (a simple drum sequencer) rely on timing so this is not really what i am in the need for, unfortunately.
Anyway, thank you for the help. Finger crossed on the return of mr remotexy wink