Topic: ESP8266 with Arduino as portexpander?

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I have a project where I want to use RemoteXY on an ESP8266. But the ESP has not enough inputs for my project. Also i need 3 serials for 3 bluetoothmodules. For that reason i Plan to attach an arduino mega2560 as expander.
What is a good idea to connect the arduino? Over serial? In the mega, there would only be software serial free. I need only Data from arduino to the esp, so could Software serial be fast enough?

Any better idea?
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Re: ESP8266 with Arduino as portexpander?

I try ESP 01 + MEGA it works but if you put in MEGA several other processes on(nrf24l01+, radio RF 433MHz, and some other stuff ) it seems it start to respond to remooteXY app slow, it was not good enough for my project.

Now I decided to try switch to LOLIN WEMOS D32 instead of ESP+MEGA
Did not try yet.

In mean time, I am beginner and maybe slow Mega was because of it smile