Topic: Arduino Due and Wifi board support?

I guys, just started with my arduino due board.

Working with I/O and A/I and A/O everything is working, but now i want to control the out over the internet.

Now is my question arduino Due and RemoteXY is that compatible? If so what for Wifi shield would you guys advice.

Can't wait to get it working look realy cool :-)

Already Thanks.



Re: Arduino Due and Wifi board support?

Will this wifi board works?


Already thanks.

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Re: Arduino Due and Wifi board support?


Yes it should work.

Board choice in the RemoteXY editor is not really relevant, choose board Arduino Mega 2560 just so you can select in the Editor which HardwareSerial port to use.

But you could as well choose board Arduino Uno and then manually change "#define REMOTEXY_SERIAL Serial".