Topic: UI for controlling Servo Arm

hi. I just register here to say thank you for developer for this amazing interface maker.
My project is creating an UI to controlling Servo Arm powered by Arduino Mega.

Thanks to remotexy, i can finished my project faster and not spend too much time in UI-Android apps programming environment, instead i can concentrate more on the way servo arm reacted with input given. like speed, encoder value, gap between signal stop to position when servo actually stop, any mechanical related, etc.

i even doing some tweak and modifiying source from example according to my need. the result is on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTlqXI7fQXY

Again, thanks to remotexy for beautiful solution as an interface maker.
everything you need is available here, source, lib, examples. this is a complete solution.

And i said that on a point when remotexy can only support bluetooth. now, internet, wifi... wow.
Thanks developer.

ps: i did buy the app. and appreciate so much when remotexy change from trial limited time method to limited component. brilliant.

extra: i am sorry i cant share my source code for that UI since its related to the national research company where i did the project. and, also i am sorry for my english. smile
best regards.


Re: UI for controlling Servo Arm

Nice I like it wink