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I'm new to using RemoteXY. I could not find help on how to use the PAGE element. Is there a step by step how-to example available somewhere?
I have seen some suggestions that the page buttons should not show up on each page. I would agree.


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Create at least two Page elements, then other elements will have an additional setting to choose which Page it is attached to (either one page, or all pages)


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Thanks Guillaume! I appreciate your short and quick answer that helped me understand how to use the PAGE element!


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In  working with PAGE: It looks like PAGE just applies an overlay to the main page. If for example I have two pages, when page 2 is selected, I still see all elements of page 1 (main page). I defined elements on page 1 as for P1, but also see P1 elements on page 2. Also, I do not see a option for "all pages" as the PAGE example shows in "HOW IT WORKS" tab. Looks like any element on P1 automatically shows on all pages.
Is there a way to create unique pages with a totally different configurations of elements on each page?
When using multiple pages, are all elements just piled on the main page, then select which page they should be displayed (assuming pages can be selected to show elements)?

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You must have done something wrong. The only elements that will always show on all pages are the Pages buttons (there is no way to hide them) and the other Elements that were set to show on all pages, obviously. "Main Page" setting is used to choose which page is displayed when then app is started.

Here is an example : http://remotexy.com/en/editor/197ba9b6c … b44714d40/


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How do you share a file like that?


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The BAD THING with that is that i lost a bunch of unsaved edits on my project by clicking on that link!


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Thanks again Guillaume! Thanks to your example I see it working now!! Part of my learning curve I guess... I appreciate your expertise!


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Is there a way to change pages from Arduino code? This would be a great feature!