Topic: Presetting screen elements

I have determined that you can preset screen elements in setup()

for example:
    RemoteXY.switch_1 = 1;
    RemoteXY.select_1 = 1;

    RemoteXY.slider_1 = 75;

    RemoteXY.joystick_1_x = 50;

    RemoteXY.joystick_1_y = -50;

    RemoteXY.rgb_1_r = 50;
    RemoteXY.rgb_1_g = 100;
    RemoteXY.rgb_1_b = 150;

This allows synchronization of the display to sketch values.

You can not change elements after the device has connected.

Maybe this is a known feature, but if it isn't, maybe it could be added to the online documentation.


Re: Presetting screen elements

see in the "Setup function"