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Hi there!

I'm using an Arduino Micro with ESP8266 in Hardserial-mode as WiFi-Module.

Is there a possibility to check if the ESP8266 is connected to the definded WiFi-Network?

I can see that the Arduino is trying to connect for a long time (30 seconds and its trying three times I think?).
When it is unable to connect (maybe WiFi router is down) the arduino is working normal. but only after some minutes.

Can I check if its connected or not?
Can I check somehow if the WiFi is available and skip the connection faster if not?

Thanks for some hints...


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why not just use the esp8266. whats the micro for. just curious. esp8266 is practically an Arduino with build in wifi.


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I need more Outputs than the ESP has. And I need at least 3 reliable analog Inputs.

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Think the other way: use the arduino as a IO expander and the ESP for main program smile


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how many are you  using may I ask?
http://www.instructables.com/id/Multipl … aloge-Pin/ and check that web page instructable out.im controlling a servo 2 relays and reading temp  and revolutions of motor with a optocoupler. w/nodemcu 12e timing is a little difficult.can u access router settings .google your routers default sign in credentials and get in there I'm sure yours has  a client list. if that's helps u out.do u know how  to get to your routers  sign in page.


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Thanks for the replies,

but my hardware is completely ready and my software is also 98% finished. I dont like to change everything I have done, it was really lot of work so far.
It is just this one question how I can get the status of RemoteXY if it is running or stopped.

Is there a possibility?
I just need to get one parameter back from the

RemoteXY_Init ();

which tells me running or stopped.

my stupid idea

test = RemoteXY_Init ();

just tells me everytime the same, if connected or not... sad

Any ideas, please?

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Maybe see 5.2.1 in https://espressif.com/sites/default/fil … set_en.pdf


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The link is not working...