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The ESP32 board is a super board to be controlled by RemoteXY. Do you plan support?


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I developed the code library myself for supporting BT classic and BLE on ESP32


The master-branch is the official code, in branch ESP32 I added the code for BT classic and BLE on ESP32. Also 2 examples have been added.

I hope this will be added to the official library.


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I upgraded the library on github to also include the changes in the library in version 2.3.5 compared with 2.3.4.

The master branch now also include the ESP32 code

So in comparison with the official library 2.3.5, the community github version also includes
- support for ESP32 (Wifi, BLE and Bluetooth classic).
- changed flag to check for changes in the struct.


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You are great, FedericoBusero.


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Does your ESP32 version support the new RemoteXY features of readouts and text boxes?

I downloaded a RemoteRX sketch with some of each and it won't compile.

Thanks.  This looks perfect for an application I'm working on.