Topic: Problem with HC-06

Dear RemoteXY Community good morning to everybody,
I'm new :-) in this forum.....

thanks in advance for your patient.

I have try to follow the "First project. Flashing LED Arduino by clicking on the smartphone"
but I have troubles, the only difference is that my Bluethoot module is HC-06 instead HC-04.

(The communication between HC-06 and smartphone seem to be  OK,
I have tested it with a simple "bluetooth serial read-write sketch"on ARDUINO UNO board
and "Serial Bluetooth Serial Terminal"  APP from my smartphone Samsung S7)

There is special setting for HC-06 ?

Other seggestions ?

Many thanks to all for replies.



Re: Problem with HC-06


I can't really help you because I havent used HC bluetooth modules since a very long time... Did you read this, maybe it can help? http://remotexy.com/en/help/bluetooth/

And don't wait much help from this small community, developper(s) didn't visit since months and I think they stopped working on this program sad