Topic: Text String length limit for iPhone app

Hi there,
Thanks for the great app, its excellent.
There seems to be a bug with the iPhone app when the Text String element length is made longer than the default length (10) the iPhone app does not recognise the longer text length and truncates text longer than the default length. It seems to work fine on the Andriod app.
Just wondering if anyone else had found this and whether anyone had found a work around.
Many thanks


Re: Text String length limit for iPhone app

Good catch, Erlang.

But don't hold out for a response from Mr. RemoteXY.

I, and some others on this forum, believe he has given up with this project. He hasn't been around for nearly three months, and hasn't replied to many issues that have been raised.

Could you split your longer strings to separate strings of 10 characters or less, and simply put them back together on the screen ?

Ugly, I know, but it may be your only option, unless Mr. RemoteXY steps back in.

I sincerely hope he is not just sitting back now, collecting his license fees, and not giving any development/support time or effort.

Everything works with smoke - if you let it out, things stop working....


Re: Text String length limit for iPhone app

Thanks Daba.
I decided to make sure the field length I send are less than 10 characters long.


Re: Text String length limit for iPhone app

I faced with same problem on android app. I decided to split as time and date as Daba's mentioned. But, The text string element count is not possible after four in a sketch. The 5th text string is causing wdt reset error during sketch uploding.

Unfortunately, I should use at least five time and date text string in my app. Plus, three other text string indications.