Topic: HM-10 Arduino

Hello Community,

I have a problem and need help.

I have an iphone 8 and an android nougat. XY must work on both systems.

However, I have opted for a HM-10.

I put the HM-10 on AT + TYPE2. (with pin input)
it works on the iphone but not on the android.
I can not pair myself with the module.
And the app does not show that module.
i have an old HC-05 and with this Modul works, but not with the HM-10

Do I have to change something about UUID or something similar?
Why the HM-10 doesn´t work with the APP?

Many Thanks

AT+Version: MLT-BT05-V4.4


Re: HM-10 Arduino

Sorry if I distract your question. How do you manage to connect your HM10 with your iPhone?

I was having couple of issues from the beginning.

  • My BLE module wasn't showing in the iPhone bluetooth devices

  • I used another app to by pass that issue and managed to connect it but the module fail to "Register" with RemoteXY app

Did you managed to resolve this?