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Topic: Arduino UNO WiFi

Will it be possible to use this board with Arduino Uno builtin WiFi and if yes?

Can you please supply instructions.


Re: Arduino UNO WiFi

I'm a new user and i like remoteXY, one question :
Is it possible to add the Arduino Uno Wifi board (it is a very popular board !)


Re: Arduino UNO WiFi

Welcome, you can add it yourself by creating your own module. Don't wait for an update of RemoteXY, it is most likely abandoned.


Re: Arduino UNO WiFi

Thank you for your answer, but how can you create your own module ?


Re: Arduino UNO WiFi

Look in RemoteXY/modules folder, there are some examples. Basically you create a class derivated from CRemoteXY_API and you override some or all of these functions :

  virtual uint8_t initModule () {return 1;};
  virtual void handlerModule () {};
  virtual void closeConnection () {};
  virtual void sendStart (uint16_t len) {};
  virtual void sendByte (uint8_t b) {};
  virtual uint8_t receiveByte () {};
  virtual uint8_t availableByte () {};


Re: Arduino UNO WiFi

thanks for the answer, i understand now :

you don't create a module on the website RemoteXY.com but on the library of RemoteXY.