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Hello my Name is Andreas Sachs. From Germany
I have found a Bug.
(Sorry my bad Englisch)

I have make a Projekt see: http://remotexy.com/en/editor/2e67f912b … 996eb6e2f/
It Works with iPhone 8 and Android (Samsung S8)
i can sent and receive.

i have make a other Projekt it is a Little bit different. (more Items) see: http://remotexy.com/en/editor/a666ad688 … 484bd9b9a/
it Works with iphone8 sent and receive
it work !!!not!!! with Android, i can only receive not sent

Thank You

FlProg, HM11 (DSD-Tech), Arduino Nano

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Re: Bug Found

This is a known issue in the Android app that the creator of the app cannot reproduce up till now. The problem is that the packet size  on BLE / Android is limited: the app only sends the first 20 bytes. I guess you are using too much input variables (I guess the limit is around 14-16 bytes input variables).

When you are using bluetooth classic (HM 05/06) you will see everything works ok on Android, but of course you cannot use it on iPhone due to the lack of BT classic support on iOS.

Can you help the app creator to reproduce the issue by providing more information? My guess would be that it depends on the Android version. Which Android version are you using?


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Thanks for the answer.

I use the Android version: 8.0.0

Can you tell me where I can see how many bytes I send?
I use Flprog and the software does it all for me.

I can not use HC05 / 06, it needs to run on both systems.

Many Thanks


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Great post.Helpful.


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@asachs8 How to count the bytes?

You need to look at the source code. Each "char" counts for 1 byte. In your project you have
- Mushroom_1.0_Work by Andreas
14 input bytes
31 output bytes

- Mushroom_1.0_Work_not by Andreas
17 input bytes
33 output bytes

I guess you only need to count the input bytes, and the maximum is 14 bytes.
"input unsigned char" = 1 byte
"input signed char"

if you would have
"input char x[5]", that would be 5 bytes


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Thank you so much.