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I have no commercial interest with this company, but I must highly recommend them for Super Quality PCBs, Super Fast Turn-Around, Super Fast Shipping, and above all, Super Low Prices.

They specialise in low volume and prototype batches, so that makes them ideal for the sort of projects we get involved in. Special offers abound for new customers.

I have just placed my 4th order with them, and paid just US $8 for 10 boards, 45 x 155 mm. Even if you add on the DHL shipping cost to the UK of US $23, it still makes this PCB manufacturer possibly the cheapest in the world.

I hasten to add that there are no "set-up" charges, like some other PCB manufacturers charge, what they quote is nearly always what you pay. They audit the Gerbers you upload or email to them, and if there is anything on your design that is "special", there may be additional charges, but that would be rare if you are just designing a board for your projects.

They are called AllPCB - website here

And this is representative of what you get back -
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z34z40rlf43g7 … 2.jpg?dl=0

OMG ! just gone back to their website to copy the URL, and noticed that my board order is already in fabrication !! Just 25 minutes after ordering ! How's that for speed !!

Just to repeat, I have no commercial interest in AllPCB, just giving a thumbs-up recommendation ....

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Nice to know smile

My projects are always unfinished prototypes and I never designed a pcb yet sad