Topic: WiFi is not working

Hi there,

I am making a small project. A weather station to get data of pressure, temperature, and humidity. For that, I am using Arduino Uno, ESP8266(WiFi module) and BME280(Environmental sensor). My ESP8266 has a baud rate of 9600, and I am using Hardware serial. When I connect all these ESP8266, BME280 and Arduino together, wifi just stopped working. It shows up in the list, but I can not connect to it. If it does connect, then it disconnects automatically just after 2 or 3 seconds. I also did the test without BME280, just a switch connected to pin13 of Arduino and it is working fine. Could someone please help me to figure out the problem?
Thank you in advance.


Re: WiFi is not working

Just one question : what is the arduino uno used for ?

esp8266 can do everything the uno can, and much more because it's faster and has more memory. It would make sense if you used the uno because your project required more IO for many sensors, buttons etc, but you seem to need only a few IO for your BME280, so I suggest you use the esp8266 only...