Topic: RemoteXY connection

I have made a simple LED on off project with editor having single button and an LED connected, after uploading the code to Arduino when I connect neither SSID RemoteXY created neither it connected to the App an unknown SSID created


Re: RemoteXY connection

Hello Genius Shev,

Q1) can i run same ((same project )) on two DIFFERENT cell phones at same time?
example >> i create one single simple remotexy project to read home temperature and both me and my wife have access to it at same time?  >>>> i tried but 2nd device does not connect unlessi close 1st cell phone says"Device already used by another app" .. why not multi instances?

Q2) CAN ((1 PROJECT )) communicate with two MCU devices at same time?
example>> i build one remotexy project to read two temperature from two different rooms by two different arduino devices but both report at same remote xy? possible?

Q3) i am using Edit field as a password so i need it to either shown as **** or cleared after few second.. how can i clear it ""automatically"" without press on X mark ?

thank you creating this app Sir