I bought a new tablet 'Lenovo Tab M7' and I want to use it for several RemoteXY-Arduinos. I would like to have several icons in the app for the different Arduinos (which are connected via ESP8266). Each of these icons should then access the respective Arduinos using the RemoteXY app and the corresponding unique SSID.
The various Arduinos with their different SSID appear within the WLAN setting of the Lenovo Tab and can also be connected after entering the WLAN password.
However, if I try to add the WiFi Arduinos (or their SSID) to the RemoteXY app, only 'unknown ssid' appears. In the app, the Arduinos connected to the tablet have disappeared with their unique SSID and can no longer be added individually.

How can I solve the problem?

Thanks for quick help.



The problem is solved! The app must be given permission to determine the location and the location must generally be released - then it works as it should!