Topic: How to upload my project to my mobile app

Hello everyone, I need your help, I just downloaded the app to my phone, and I want to load the project that I did as a test to my phone, but I don't see where I should register my account in the app or how to create a new project in the app from the cell phone.


Re: How to upload my project to my mobile app

To start controlling your board, you need to do the 4 steps:
1. Develop the GUI using the online editor at remotexy.com
2. Get the source code for your board from the editor, modify it for your project and download to board.
3. If necessary, connect the communication module to the board.
4. To connect to the board, press the “+” button in this app and select the method of connection.
IMPORTANT. The GUI configuration is located only on your board and is loaded into this application when connected. Go to the tutorial for more information remotexy.com