Topic: JDY-23 cc2541 BLE bluetooth not detect by RemoteXY

Hi all congratulation for the Work.
I do some try with REmoteXY    with the JDY-23 Bluetootl  module.
But impossible to RemoteXY to see the Radio ...
I have the app Serial Bluetooth Terminal with well see my bluetooth module and is    Mac address..  i can connect to it and
send and receive between a two serial terminal...one on the Android phone and anoter on the computer or via arduino board and serial monitor.

But if i put the code of RemoteXY on my arduino ... and try to detect whit RemoteXY nothing Visible..

If the code of RemoteXY is on the arduino my JDY-23 Module is always seen by  the app Serial Bluetooth Terminal...i can connect...

Did the RemoteXY failed to detect some version of BLE bluetooth Module ?

Have a nice day.