Topic: Connection of the App not reliable?

i am controlling and  supervising and plotting my home automation data with arduino and remotexy, like solar power, mains power consumption, heating ...
Unfortunately the App on my tablet  is disconnecting a number of times per day, so i am missing lots of data in the plot.
The app stays unconnected, until i recognize it (after hours), and start the reconnection manually.
It seems at only short issues with the connection, the app immediately disconnects from the server and never reconnects. It happens randomly during the  day (3-10 times). And at least once at fixed time, when my router is  forced to shortly reconnect to the internet to get a new IP.
Not clear, why it disconnects so  many times, the WLAN is very strong, i couldn't find weakness.
When i manually stop the WLAN for test, the app is disconnecting immediately (less than 1 sec).

This is very annoying and it is blocking to continue to use remotexy.
What could be wrong, Any suggestions? Is it possible to make the server connection more reliable, increasing timeouts, or add a automatic reconnect feature in the app?

Thanks for help, best regards, Peter


Re: Connection of the App not reliable?

Yes you are right. The app does not reconnect if it is disconnected. We will make the reconnection feature in one of the next versions.


Re: Connection of the App not reliable?

Thanks a lot, this is really good news.
I spent months to get improvements and find a workaround, without success, i gave up.
I would appreciate, if this would be implemented in reasonable timeframe.
After success, i will immediately buy the pro version. Up to now i was not sure, if i have to delete everything and restart with other solutions.
Best regards Peter


Re: Connection of the App not reliable?

thanks for the App update with the correction of the lost graphs.
It seems, the auto reconnection  is not yet implemented.
Is there a rough estimation, in which timeframe this improvement could be implemented (maybe together with increased timeout)?
Best regards Peter


Re: Connection of the App not reliable?

Sorry, I cannot say in what time frame. Many interesting and necessary tasks...


Re: Connection of the App not reliable?

I would really like to continue to use your app, it has really the best graphical interface and view of graphs.
But the most essential feature of an app, which is used for datalogging and supervision is, that it is working reliable, and does not disconnect the App forever at every short disurbance. In this way  it can be  used only for children fun tools.
I am wondering, what can be more important than improving an app and the connection to the ESP to make it reliable.
Best regards Peter


Re: Connection of the App not reliable?

We are working on it