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I have a question,
When  I put a edit field in the program and use it as a int or float everything is perfect.
But when I use the string option, it crashes in a big program.
Even when I don't use the variable at all in my program.
How is this possible ?


Re: Text String

Сan not answer. Check your C ++ code. Where you use memory. Maybe you are out of bounds for string variables


Re: Text String

I have done some tests on this issue, and found out that when i asked for some inputs.
The problem occurs this seems to be depending on the speed where the program can run on.
If it is fast everything is oke, when it is more slowly, then the program on the phone crashes, but the program on the arduino keeps on going and also the serial monitor.
This happens only when the edit field is a string, not when the edit field is a int.
Please give some command on this.


Re: Text String

Do you test a clean RemoteXY code from the editor? If not, try the clean code from editor, without additional code.