Topic: Problem! ''Device not reply''

where is the problem, please help!


Re: Problem! ''Device not reply''

Plz describe more detail for ur problem or share ur code here

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Re: Problem! ''Device not reply''

I`m using remotexy pro and connect an arduino nano yP via USB to a car radio (radical RD211 which can handel the remotexy app).
I love this app, its just great for me and my application. There are a push buttom, a slider and I have about 18 Values at the display.
Everything is fine. But sometimes the USB connection becomes froozen. Data do not
change. If  I restart the app or I push one of my Softkey at the display it runs again. The happens 3, 4 times or never in a 1/2 hour.
Is there anybody with an idea.
By the way. what is the sence of the panel function, just grahic?
Thanks and have good time


Re: Problem! ''Device not reply''

If the RemoteXY application shows your screen it means that the connection is established and working. If the connection is lost, the application will close the screen by timeout.
If so, then perhaps there is something in the program of your task, not in the RemoteXY


Re: Problem! ''Device not reply''

Thanks administrator for your answer.
The problem seems to be solved.
In the arduino sketch was in the setup loop still a command " Serial.begin(9600);"
and my include REMOTEXY.h was an older Version, not 3.1.6.
I dont` know wich of th two items made trouble, but now is all fine.
Best regards Gerd