Topic: Encoder-like input device

I have a suggestion for a new control element - an input device that emulates an incremental encoder.    It could be used in applications such as tuning a radio when you don't know the frequency you want and want to "turn the knob" til a station is heard - faster and then slower when you hear something of interest, just like with a quadrature encoder.    It would basically be a new touchscreen gesture where making a circular motion on the screen would provide the equivalent to clockwise encoder pulses, and the reverse for counterclockwise motion.    The user's application program could adjust the pulse rate in proportion to how quickly you make the circle or in any other way.    Musicians and audio pros have such a preference for knobs that a company produces the "Tuna Knob" which is a physical knob that fastens to the screen with a suction cup and translates rotary motion into touchscreen commands:  https://www.pepperdecks.com/products/28-tunagear

I think that some version of this control would be a very useful addition for creating human interfaces with improved ergonomics.   Thanks for considering!



Re: Encoder-like input device

It is interesting and can be discussed.
I looked at the Tuna Knob. In the simplest version, we can make a circular slider. He will most likely be able to work with Tuna Knob. Perhaps for a finger it will not be very convenient.
Due to RemoteXY communication limitations, such a new element will transmit to the board the angle of rotation or position of any set range, not the encoder pulses.


Re: Encoder-like input device

Thanks for considering it!