Topic: My cute robot

I made a DollBot for my daughter, she wanted a robot for herself. This is where The Norwegian Nightmare started.

Esp8266 with a DoIt motorshield (dual h-bridge) and a cheap walking robot toy. There are servos for the head and the arms, I just bruke the servos for the arms before I could even use them once.

There are many thing in the to-do list, such as  voicebox (mp3 player) and stronger servos for the head and the arms. I also want to make the head to do more things than just turn left and right.

I also want to change from esp8266 to esp32 if I can hack the libraries to do just that. If the great gurus at RemoteXY wants to make that addition to the RemoteXY library I would greatly appriciate that!!

RemoteXY is the easiest way to do remote controll that I ever tried. ANd I have tried alot of them...



Re: My cute robot

Nice smile It remembers me about that thing in Toy Story smile