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Topic: How much delay can i add

This is my first post!
I have to say that i found RemoteXY a great work! Well done!!!
I played with MIT AIA too, but the RemoteXY is millions time more practical and easy to use! It worths its money!

Well, my question is how often must run the "RemoteXY_Handler (); " command in order to have a good communication without disconnections. Is there any minimum time to execute?

I ask because i want to use a small delay in my arduino mega code.
Of course i can do with different way too like using a variable and millis() and add a "RemoteXY_Handler ();" command somewhere inside it, but a small delay is the best and easiest.

Thank you in advance!


Re: How much delay can i add

Hello, welcome!
You have to call the "Remote_Handler ();" as soon as possible how allows your code.
Using millis () is the best practice
The "Remote_Handler ();" handles the input buffer of wire module which may be overfull.