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Topic: screen or panel background

I 'm new on this blog and as RemotXY user, and i'm French
I do like a lot your application, easy to deal with on blutooth as any other way
i don't know if it is easy to make it, for you, but it will be great to be able to add a pic as background.
In my case and the project i'm doing, called " for train" i will like be able to have such image for "wearing" the screen.
the curent projet can be seen " http://remotexy.com/en/editor/b7ab9f580 … 7ea355cb2/

I saw that someone else suggested a ROTATORY ENCODER button, it will be great too ! for sure

Thanks for all
Best regards and good luck

Serge from France


Re: screen or panel background

Je suis d'accord / I agree tongue


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