Topic: Is this possible?

I'd like to use RemoteXY to control an ESP8266 ESP-01 module via wi-fi.  The ESP-01 will run my application - there is no Arduino involved, just the little wi-fi board.    The control interface requires sending a value (number) from the smartphone app ("Edit Field") to the ESP-01.   Two-way communications would be nice but is not essential.    The ESP-01 needs to be in AP Mode as no router or LAN will be available and the smartphone will need to scan for it's wi-fi signal and connect to it.

I'd appreciate it if an experienced user could confirm that the above is possible with RemoteXY.   The examples are useful but they all seem to use bluetooth and in my use case I will not have any serial communications (hardware OR software) - the application will run totally on the ESP-01 module which has plenty of memory and IO for my needs.

I see "ESP8266 boards;" are listed under the "How it Works" section but I do not see the ESP-01 where other ESP8266 boards are listed (NodeMCU, etc) so I would like confirmation if it is not supported so I can look at other ways of doing my project.  That would be a shame because RemoteXY looks like a fantastic tool!



Re: Is this possible?

An ESP-01 is basically an ESP8266 with limited pins and memory.  As long as your needs accommodate that, it will work like any other ESP8266.

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