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remoteXY is really a great tool.
Unfortunately i recognized now, that the graph feature is not useful for my application.
I am logging a number of sensor data of my home control on Arduino (10 timestamps per hour, e.g temperatures, solar power ...), and i would like to view it online.
But it seems I need to run my mobile phone connected for 24 hours to receive the data of one day. This is not practical.

Is there any way to transmit the data of ony day in one shot and display it with the graph? Similar like i do it with SerialPlot when i am connected with USB.
Would be really nice if such would be possible with remoteXY.

Any idea is welcome.

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As long as the RemoteXY server is running it is collecting data in the graph.  log in scroll back in the graph.


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from how it works for graph

"The archive on the smartphone also contains data from previous communication sessions with the controller, they are also displayed on the graph. You can set the number of days to save historical data for each connected device in the mobile application."


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Hi Chrismolloy,
thanks a lot for this great support. So fast, and with a positive answer, i appreciate.
I was connected so far as first step only as direct access, not with my router. And i got the  (wrong) assumption, that through the cloud i get the same functionality and observed limitation, only through internet connection.
With your positive answer, i will restart in the next days to make the internet connection working and try it out.
Thanks again, regards Peter  smile

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It will only log data when the smartphone is connected to remotexy, hence the name "online graph". You can't use it to monitor daily temperature etc...

I have suggested somehting similar to what you said, being able to transmit a set of data with timestamp, instead of only the latest data.


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I managed today to make the graph  running through the cloud.
Unfortunately i get the same limitation, that it is only logged as long as the mobile phone is connected. I cannot connect my phone 24/7 on remotexy, not realistic.
As also Guillaume is reporting.
Do we make something wrong? Do i  need to book the  PRO version to get some cloud logging for some period? (as i am still in test phase, i did not yet buy it)
It should be easy  to log some data for 1 day on the cloud, in order to retrieve it when i go online with my mobile. The amount of data should be small, maybe less than 1MB, not GB.
Or to send my locally logged data from the day in one shot and display it.
regards, Peter


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Topic: How to Freeze the Online graph at a certain point ?
if my sensor read for 10-30 seconds and draw something like a bell shape. how to STOP  & FREEZE the x axis from keep going to zeros horizontally and i lose my bell shape graph to the left side?.
do we have a command to START plotting then FREEZES it at it is at a certain point?
- also instead of auto scaling .. can i put my own limits for Y axis of the graph?

Really appreciated if that can be done like in blynk graph if it does not exist already.