Topic: What everybody needs ....

... is a way to display numerical values on the GUI

Yes it can be done, by converting the output variable to a string, String, or char array, but there is so much back-coding going on that should not be necessary.  Using an "Edit field" with your latest " RemoteXY_sendInputVariables ();" function has severe limitations, and cannot be used to continuously display data.

Please, please, please, can we get a "Display Field" addition to the "Indication" selection that accepts a numeric value from the MCU and displays it in a format that we can configure ?

The online graph widget is cool, but needs more options, such as the ability to set the y-axis scaling, and stop auto-scaling, and more control of the x-axis time-scale. Sometimes a graph needs to show longer time periods than you have allowed for.

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Re: What everybody needs ....

I don't know if I really need that (I always use sprintf to format exactly like I want), but it would be a good addition anyway.

Instead of "Text String", call it "Value Display" or "Display Field" like Daba suggested, and let user choose value type either string, integer or float, exactly like the Edit Field. It will be easier for beginners, and if it can save a few bytes to send to the App, it's always a good thing.