Topic: BLE communication problems (HM10 & Android) - struct 15 bytes limit


I found 2 problems when trying to use the HM10 BLE module

1) The module can put OK+CONN on the serial line, this is disturbing the transmission protocol. The solution is easy: send AT+NOTI0 to the HM10 module modules once, so it stops sending OK+CONN and OK+LOST. This setting is a configuration setting, just like baud rate & name, so you don't need to put it in every program, just do it once with a module.
The default of HM10 is AT+NOTI0, but I used some program to change baudrate and name, and this also changes the NOTI bit.

2) If found the parameters struct has to be limited to 15 bytes, because the communication packet size is limited to 20 bytes.
This issue I have using the Android app and the HM10 module on Arduino.

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Re: BLE communication problems (HM10 & Android) - struct 15 bytes limit

Hello...The HM-10 is has become an extremely mainstream Bluetooth 4 BLE module for use with the Arduino. To some extent because of the standard UART sequential association that makes it genuinely straight forward to interface with an Arduino. The UART layer is something worth being thankful for and an awful thing, it permits usability yet it conceals the BLE layer so you have no influence over the genuine BLE side of things. The HM-10 is Bluetooth adaptation 4.0 as it were. This implies it can't associate with Bluetooth 2/2.1 modules, for example, the HC-06 and HC-05.

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