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Hi to you all. I am a beginner at this Wifi stuff and Arduino. I use AT mega 255 Arduino.  I would like to ask something.
i want to read raw data from my GY-501  (pins 20 and 21 for SDA and SCL) so I use serial.begin 9600 and the monitor.
i also use ESP8266 on TX RX (pins 0 and 1)to communicate with adroid
I cant make them work simultaneously.
I guess the problem is in some conflict between ports, but AT MEGA 255 have 3 other TX RX (pins 14 - 19). It does not work either when i use some of the other TX Rx. I think  i am missing something important here.
I would appreciated i someone can help with this. Thank you in advance.


Re: Serial monitor and ESP8266

Have you solved it ? Please say yes 'cause I have the same problem


Re: Serial monitor and ESP8266

I tested the esp8266-01 with my mega pro embebbed: i left "the first Serial RX TX" free (nothing connected to it) to communicate with my PC to read some debug stuff but i connect the esp to the Serial1 (pin18-19, TX1-RX1, use "Serial1.xxxx").
The first serial port is used to dialogate with the PC, so you cannot request to send/receive datas to the serial monitor and simultaneously dialogate with the esp.
This could happen when you want to send AT command to the esp typing them at the keyboard, in this case connect the esp to the RX-TX.


Re: Serial monitor and ESP8266

If you mean Arduino MEGA 2560 or compatible board, you can use either hardware serial: Serial, Serial1-Serial3