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Topic: Simple Configuration WITHOUT Arduino

I'm looking to use RemoteXY for a simple C program over WiFi. Is there any information on the structure of the configuration to be sent to the app to get this working "quick and dirty"?

The Arduino Library is impressive, and extensive, and I unfortunately can't get my head around it to reverse engineer it.

The 2 devices can see each other, but the app reports a read timeout error when I try send the configuration packet as a char array.


Re: Simple Configuration WITHOUT Arduino

The best solution would still be to adapt the library to your system.
What hardware are you using?


Re: Simple Configuration WITHOUT Arduino

I'm using a Raspberry Pi clone, so all embedded C type script.

Given there are no objects, it's difficult to break down the library to try and build compatibility. The perform looks amazing, I just wanted to apply it to this project but it may have to wait for the next Arduino-based project I take on!