Topic: New RemoteXY library 3.1.1 beta for testing

We did a great job.
We made a new library that is completely different. The library uses client-server capabilities and other things so that the library can handle multiple connections at the same time.
Since the library has been completely rewritten, it may contain bugs.
We suggest that you test the library. If the library works well with your projects, you can continue to use it. If not work then writ to this topic.
What's news:
- multiple connections to server (does not work with the cloud yet as it is required to modify the cloud server, we make it);
- multiple connections using different communication methods;
- full control for input variables. The control variables transmit to all connected apps if one app modified it. And you can modify this variables in you code freely.

You can download the library by link https://remotexy.com/en/library/

We will also begin writing the tutorial and examples for the new library.


Re: New RemoteXY library 3.1.1 beta for testing

It all sounds good news, I will wait until others have tested before installing the new library.

Everything works with smoke - if you let it out, things stop working....


Re: New RemoteXY library 3.1.1 beta for testing

Library 3.1.3 available!
Supported multiple cloud connections!


Re: New RemoteXY library 3.1.1 beta for testing

After I had a problem with Invalid Host
i download the library
3.1.5 Beta (29.03.2021)
But the problem still exists. Unable to connect to my devices